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Is Folderblog basically dead?(back to index)
It seems there's little to no activity going on here. It's a shame, really - such a good program gone to waste.
posted by Mario on 20 Aug 06 at 7:47 AM
Donald Tetto, the dude who made the software, is a student and has just graduated - he did release a security update a month or so ago, but other than no one knows for sure if there is going to be an update or not.

I certainly hope so.
posted by Craig on 21 Aug 06 at 8:00 AM
I hope so too.

I was just wondering if people are donating if they are actually getting support because no one seems to be around for support - especially donald.
posted by Mario on 21 Aug 06 at 2:36 PM
I don't think it has anything to do with donations. Donald's a busy guy and I don't think Folderblog has a big enough "expert user" base to support all the technical questions that get posted here.

It is a shame, because Folderblog has so much potential, but right now I need more flexibility, and I'm thinking of going to a different blogging package to get it.
posted by Jordan on 21 Aug 06 at 10:39 PM
I know some very basic PHP and have managed to play around with a few things... luckily I have a few mates that are very good at PHP and I am planning some major work.
posted by Craig on 23 Aug 06 at 10:30 AM
Perhaps someone could help me out then. I finally managed to get rid of the errors but am still having trouble posting my captions.
posted by darrell on 23 Aug 06 at 3:07 PM
i'm considering to make the switch as well, due to lack of updates and support.
posted by armeen on 24 Aug 06 at 5:59 PM
RIP :-(
posted by theMezz on 28 Aug 06 at 7:01 PM
People, it's not dead! Just be patient, for goodness sake :) !
posted by Mark Urbanski on 28 Aug 06 at 7:42 PM
a couple of months = patience
a year = dead
posted by koko on 28 Aug 06 at 9:12 PM
It hasn't technically been a year yet. As was stated in the second post of this topic, a security update had been issued only a short time ago, and only a few months ago, the creator himself had stated that he intended to continue to work on Folderblog in the near future. Folderblog is not dead... perhaps a little neglected, but certainly not dead.
posted by Mark Urbanski on 28 Aug 06 at 11:03 PM
So are you saying that it isn't "technically" dead yet? Come on, the bottom line is that Donald isn't getting that much donation so there's no incentive.
posted by Dido on 29 Aug 06 at 4:58 PM
how do you KNOW that?
posted by theMezz on 31 Aug 06 at 10:35 PM
i don't.

it's just a calculated guess. just like you don't know if in fact it will continue. and it's o.k. to make that assumption.

the bottom line is at this moment, all that work donald has put into is a total waste to most who want to use it. since some of the people who know don't even help out.
posted by Dido on 1 Sep 06 at 3:44 PM
Its a shame that it seems to be left for dead at the moment! I think that if and when he does get back in touch with folderblog he should ask for volunteers to help out.

There are some good PHP guys on this mini forum who help out alot, these people might be willing to help out in a more formal way?!
posted by Craig on 13 Sep 06 at 9:13 AM
it's dead i tell you, dead!

no money generation...what do you think?
posted by dido on 10 Oct 06 at 11:09 AM
His photoblog is updated almost daily: so he is still online! He could post a quick message to say if its dead or not?!

Starting to loose faith!
posted by Craig on 14 Nov 06 at 11:50 AM
I just want someone to help me figure out $fbdir, so we can move these things around subdirectories without breaking the path/to/image/ conventions that happen here. Please? Thanks.
posted by fnb on 14 Nov 06 at 3:10 PM
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