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16kb zip, requires PHP 4.3+

See it in action

All this, and free, too.


Folderblog is a free, lightweight PHP script that automatically displays the images placed in a given directory, no database needed. It can be used as a blog or gallery—and anything in between. It’s configurable, plugin-ready, and template-based, but it’s also designed for people who don’t know how or don’t have time to manage their sites manually. The tagline is “See & snap. Drag & drop.” It’s a photoblog for the rest of us.

What’s the catch?

The only catch is that the above paragraph should have been in the past tense. I don’t have time for development and support anymore—and haven’t since 2006. And there’s no current documentation (though here and here are good places to start). So I’ve dedicated folderblog to the public domain. It’s yours now. Take good care of it.

So I can...

That’s right, you can do what you like with the code, and the name, and even the logo. Use it, modify it, fix it up, re-release it. Of course, I’d love to hear what you do with it. I’ll be hanging on to the domain names for a while at least, and I’ll be happy to link and/or forward to any promising developments.

But what about?

You can contact me at with any more questions. The old site is still around but by now is full of bugs, spam, and dead-ends.

Thanks, guys.

While preparing this page I typed “folderblog” into Google and was shocked to discover recent positive reviews of the software and that there are great photographers out there still using it. Thanks to all the forum participants, and everyone who donated back when I was developing the script, and to all the people who styled, hacked, supported, or just-plain-used folderblog. You guys are great.